Full list of disney infinity characters

full list of disney infinity characters

This is the full list of Marvel themed Disney Infinity figures and characters. Figures - Disney Infinity: Figures are physical toys that represent characters in the game. Placing a figure on the Infinity Base brings that. Explore the full list of characters from the Disney Infinity video games. Collect them, watch walkthroughs and more. Kylo Ren Light FX. Players can also earn "spins" by playing through playsets or leveling up their characters, which can be used to unlock additional items. Incredible Violet Dash Syndrome Captain Jack Sparrow Barbossa Davy Jones Lightning McQueen Holley Mater Francesco The Lone Ranger Tonto Buzz Jessie Woody Jack Skellington Rapunzel Wreck-It Ralph Vanellope Anna Elsa Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey Phineas Agent P. Avalanche Software Altron 3DS. You will then battle these robotic villains in various locations from the MCU ending in a battle with Ultron himself! Rise Against the Empire This play set is set during the events of the classic Star Wars trilogy and will be centred around Luke Skywalker and Leia. The Lone Ranger Play Set. full list of disney infinity characters Definitely Jango and Goofy! The gameplay does not have online play or multiplayer in Playsets, but there is multiplayer in Toy Box. Marvel Battlegrounds Power Disc Pack We also have confirmation on the Marvel Battlegrounds Power Disc pack which will be coming at the same time as the Play Set and will include the following power discs: Retrieved from " http: Spot The Good Dinosaur. Also Scrooge McDuck and for Marvel Howard The Duck lol!

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Star Wars characters From the Disney Infinity Star Wars franchise we have an array of figures from the launch, and can only assume there are even more to come in the future. Disney Infinity received generally positive reviews from critics except for the 3DS version, which received negative reviews. As Disney recently announced that characters from the popular Star Wars Rebels cartoon would be making it to Disney Infinity 3. The confirmed characters so far: Anakin Skywalker Ahsoka Tano Obi-Wan Kenobi Yoda Darth Maul Luke Skywalker Princess Leia Han Solo Chewbacca Darth Vader Boba Fett Ezra Bridger Kanan Jarrus Zeb Orrelios Sabine Wren Poe Dameron Kylo Ren Finn Rey Joy Anger Sadness Fear Disgust Spot Hulkbuster Ultron Captain America - The First Avenger Black Suit Spider-Man Black Panther Ant-Man Vision Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse Mulan Olaf Nick Wilde Judy Hopps Baloo Sam Flynn Quorra Alice. Lone Ranger - Infinite Crystal Series Toys 'R Us Exclusive. Darth Vader Light FX Series.

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